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  Engineered composite coatings that react with the environment, rather than against it. Composite alloys can help economy-critical operations, such as power generation, refining and mining, and aid in the advancements of biotech implants and fuel cells.  
A Premier Manufacturer of Thermal Spray & Weld Overlay Performance Enhanced Alloys

ArcMelt ® strives to be the world’s finest producer of complex composite thermal spray & weld overlay alloys.

We manufacture wires and powders utilizing proprietary technologies, which offer our customers technically sound, commercially viable, alternatives to combat corrosion, abrasion, oxidation and many other severe service applications.

Our product line consists of composite alloys whose applied structure is of greater importance than its actual physical chemistry. In addition, our thermally applied wire feed stocks offer performance characteristics not found in any other coating or overlay.

Here at ArcMelt ®, it is not about providing commodity alloys. We provide real, solution-based composite products, in combination with economical processes, to produce composite coatings and overlays for almost every industrial market.

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